Mount Grace Hospitals Inc. (MGHI)

Westlake Medical Center is part of the network of hospitals of Mount Grace Hospitals Inc. (MGHI).
MGHI seeks to create a nationwide network of hospitals organized to provide comprehensive, excellent and compassionate healthcare.

MGHI values the vital role of doctors in the provision of care. It recognizes that optimal clinical outcome and favorable patient experience are made possible by the coordinated efforts of all the hospital personnel as well as the cooperation of the patient in the delivery of care.

As part of its thrusts, MGHI focuses on improving and upgrading hospital facilities, enhancing operating efficiency, delivering quality service and organizational culture-building.

MGHI supports the hospitals in its network to keep up with the evolving demands of healthcare by, among others: pursuing operational synergies, promoting rational patient care, improving accessibility with the use of appropriate technology, and tracking developments on external factors impacting on the hospital sector.

The end result is an organization that is better equipped to provide efficient and affordable medical care, notable for its exceptional level of commitment to patient care and community needs.