Masakit ang batok: Does it automatically mean high blood?

You’ve probably heard it one too many times — when your nape hurts, it most likely means your blood pressure is on the rise.

It’s not necessarily always true. 


In a recent interview, Dr. Raulito Co, a cardiologist at Westlake Medical Center, said that such discomfort, even vertigo, another possible sign of hypertension, could be the result of fatigue or something else entirely. 


“One can’t quickly conclude they’re on the verge of developing hypertension with these supposed symptoms unless they have their blood pressure checked,” he added.


“Consulting a doctor remains the best way to know the real cause of your discomfort and to get the right treatment for it.” 


However, Dr. Co, warns that consuming fatty, salty, and high-cholesterol foods can shoot one’s blood pressure up and trigger that sharp pain behind the neck. This is especially true for people already living with hypertension or high cholesterol. 


“To maintain a normal blood pressure, people with hypertension should consistently take their medication and have a healthy diet,” he said. “They should also make it a habit to exercise regularly and have follow up check ups with their doctor.”


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